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Desert Rendevouz 2014

So over the weekend of March 21st I once again got to go on what has become one of my favorite yearly events, the Desert Rendevouz hosted by Dave and the wonderful people at This year the event was just off the Bradshaw Trail a bit north of the Salton Sea and only a few miles from Chiriaco Summit on I10.

A few pictures around camp on Friday afternoon



On Saturday I headed out with a few guys to explore the old abandoned Kaiser mining town.





There were these signs posted on a lot of the buildings, but they don’t appear to be real. Our best guess is that someone did some filming here and added these as set dressing.






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Memorial Day Camping 2011 (Day 1)

So Mrs. Nomad and I decided to go camping for our Memorial Day. We got ourselves, the trailer, and the Jeep all loaded up and set off for Idyllwild Thursday afternoon prepared for a great weekend…

After battling our way past traffic on the 91 freeway we were finally  on CA60 heading past UCR on our way towards Banning when we heard a distant “POP” Not thinking too much of it we continued on our way. Now, this stretch of the road is a bit of an incline, in fact lets just go all out and call it a hill. So we were heading up the hill after our “POP” and I was feeling the Jeep getting more and more sluggish, and I was starting to wonder what was going on. It was right about then that several people passing by us started motioning towards us and mouthing “You’re on fire!” . Needless to say we immediately pulled over only to find this:

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