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Lunch at Knowlwood

Got a little peckish today so I headed over to the Irvine Knowlwood for lunch.

They have a pretty varied menu, but they still are a burger joint at their heart.

I ended up getting their “Worlds Best Burger Combo” as I wasn’t too hungry, but I often have them sub the fries for their great Irish Nachos.

The Irvine location is located in an old barn in Old Towne Irvine, and the decor is pretty unique.

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Dinner at Antonucci’s

I had to run down to Laguna Niguel and pickup some camping gear, so while I was down there my father and I went out for dinner at a little Italian place in Mission Viejo called Antonucci’s. I’ve been going there for years, and the food is always great, this night was no exception.

The meal started with a nice dinner salad, and some garlic bread.

The salad is very good, with olives, salami, and asiago, but they do tend to overdress their salads, and while their creamy italian is very good it can also be a bit overwhelming.

The garlic bread is also very good, soft and buttery on the inside, and cripy around the edges.

For the main course my father ordered their Fusilli Hot and Spicy, a vegetarian dish made with their excellent arrabiata sauce.

One of the great things about Antonucci’s is their varied and somewhat unusual menu. They have several dishes which use a Tequila cream sauce, and so I opted for their Chicken Tequila Fettucine. This has a very light tequila cream sauce and three types of bell peppers combined with cubed chicken, and a very nice green fettucine. This dish is mildly spicy, but the sauce and the peppers combine for an almost sweet dish.

Overall this was a very enjoyable dinner with excellent food in a delightful atmosphere.
Flavor: A+
Ambience: B+
Service: A

Overall: A

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Lunch in the City

After a thoroughly enjoyable morning bumming around the city I settled down for a wonderful lunch at Max’s Opera Cafe. The menu runs the gamut from traditional deli fare to Salmon Burgers, Beef Brisket, and Chicken Pot Pies. Seafood also makes an appearance which is natural considering the location.

Lunch turned out to be a delightful Ruben sandwich with Ceaser salad, cole slaw and a pickle. This is one of the better Rubens I have had, as they grilled the rye bread before making the sandwich. This grilling softened up the bread and made it a much softer proposition than most Rubens.

Max's Ruben

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