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Memorial Day Camping 2011 (Day 1)

So Mrs. Nomad and I decided to go camping for our Memorial Day. We got ourselves, the trailer, and the Jeep all loaded up and set off for Idyllwild Thursday afternoon prepared for a great weekend…

After battling our way past traffic on the 91 freeway we were finally¬† on CA60 heading past UCR on our way towards Banning when we heard a distant “POP” Not thinking too much of it we continued on our way. Now, this stretch of the road is a bit of an incline, in fact lets just go all out and call it a hill. So we were heading up the hill after our “POP” and I was feeling the Jeep getting more and more sluggish, and I was starting to wonder what was going on. It was right about then that several people passing by us started motioning towards us and mouthing “You’re on fire!” . Needless to say we immediately pulled over only to find this:

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BMW R75/5 Pushrod Seal Repair

BMW R75/5 Pushrod Seal Repair

Since I got it I knew that the pushrod seals for the righthand cylinder were leaking on the BMW.

Unfortunately, replacing the seals involved pulling the entire jug + piston + head for that side.


The piston (still inside the cylinder) sitting on the workbench.


The cylinder head (sans rockers) sitting on the bench. Note the spacer rings sitting loose next to the ‘studs’ they go on. There are o-rings that go underneath these collars that need to be replaced. The bloody things were almost impossible to remove. I had to resort to vise-grip pliers and scratched the hell out of the outside of the spacers. Luckily, they are not a bearing surface, so I just used a little emery cloth to smooth them out a little and everything was good to go.


A view of the guts of the engine. Near the center you can see the connecting rod, and just below and to the left/right of it the depressions where the pushrod seals fit into. Also note the studs protruding from the block that the cylinder and head mount onto. What is really strange is that these same studs are what the rocker arms mount to. The rocker-block nuts form 4 of the 6 head/jug mounting points!


My great organizational skills at work. It is important to replace the rocker-block and the pushrods in the same locations and orientations as they came out. A spare box-lid served admirably.

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A little wrenching

Well, I haven’t had much of a chance to do any real fun riding lately, mostly just commuting. I went to pull the bike out on saturday to run some errands, and on my normal pre-ride inspection I noticed that the brake pads were worn down to the point of needing replacement. Turns out the front brakes on a Bonneville are nice and easy to work on. No pics of the replacement process itself, but some nice ones of the old and new pads.
Just a good warning to everyone out there to make sure they check their brakes in addition to their tire condition and pressure.

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